Elounda, a picturesque fishing village, is located only 7klm to the north from our apartments, and is a universally known holiday destination, renowned for its scenery, emerald waters, scrumptious food, luxurious hotels and famous guests.

Elounda is built on the edge of the idyllic lagoon of Korfos Bay, which is formed between the Spinalonga Peninsula and main Crete, where the site of the ancient city Olous, one of the mightiest powers in Cretan antiquity, was located.

Under Venetian rule [13th -17th century] salt pans started operating on site, yielding valuable resources and Venetians built the fortress of Spinalonga to protect the whole bay of Korfos. Later, Elounda and the channel of Poros were destroyed by the Turks and the town was almost deserted in 1898.

 When the Ottomans were forced to withdraw from the island, the inhabitants returned and the Channel reopened.

Mid - war, its sea, being calm, was used as a landing and refuelling port of the British company Imperial Airways.

During WWII, Elounda was seized by the occupants, and turned into a powerful fortress, rendering every seashore in the area a vast minefield.

On these seashores, during the 60s, the first hotels were built, launching what would later become an utterly luxurious destination.